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our law firm in chandigarh represents the most reputed individuals, institutions and corporates based within and outside india in courts, tribunals and forums in chandigarh. our insight stretches over a variety of industries and litigation sectors. we win on the basis of litigation prowess. our best law firm in chandigarh is reputed for having the best legal accumen enlisted with us. this reflects the breadth of our law practice capabilities. our experience includes both “traditional” litigation services as well as “modern” legal advisory. our law firm in chandigarh regularly advises and legally represents clients with some of the most complicated legalities on the basis of our long experience in handling difficult situations in the most testing times.


our law firm in chandigarh is well-versed in litigation of both individual clients and corporate clients. we have taken care of criminal, family and property litigation of our individual clients and have charted into commercial and transaction based litigation of our corporate clients at the same time. we have successfully represented both commercial debtors and creditors and handled cases before investigation committees. our corporate lawyers have sunstantial knowledge in ip related litigation and we have represented them from both plaintiff and defendent side.


the legal environment in india is becoming more and more challenging with each passing day. only a law firm which rapidly adapts and find solutions to the legal issues faced by clients will be able to achieve client satisfaction. our law firm has a culture that breeds success in law. this is because of our unique culture and sustained effort on nurturing our core value system. our perspective is special and that guides us how to interact with clients with collegiality and team work. our best lawyers in chandigarh are the essence of who our law firm is and what it does in chandigarh, punjab and haryana. we believe that success is always based on team effort which in turn is founded on a culture of trust and mutual respect amidst disagreements.


mission of our law firm in chandigarh is to provide the legal advice of highest quality by utilizing the in-depth knowledge and experience which is available through our dedicated law practice. because of our consistent and unwavering philosophy of providing best legal representation, our law firm has grown to become one of the most reputed and famous law firms in chandigarh, punjab and haryana. the foundation of our law practice has been, is and will always be our work culture and teamwork. we not onl have, but we also develop and nurture the best legal talent so that our law firm is alays ready to meet the ever-chanding requirements of our clients in this rapidly changing market.

practice areas

corporate law

  • government and regulatory
  • intellectual property
  • contracts and agreements
  • franchise
  • information technology
  • commercial
  • industrial arrangements

family law

  • divorce
  • child custody
  • legal separation
  • marriage
  • dowry
  • domestic violence
  • section 498a

criminal law

  • anticipatory bail
  • regular bail
  • criminal appeal
  • criminal revision
  • quashing of fir
  • quashing of proclaimed offender order

property law

  • succession cases
  • succession certificate
  • will and estate
  • partition of ancestral property


corporate law firm in chandigarh

corporate sector often encounters various legal troubles in their day-to-day operations. being short of time, the need of the hour is to have an impeccable legal advisor for a sound advice and legal representation whenever required. our law firm has some of the best corporate lawyers, with rich experience spanning across years. our team of advocates represents clients facing government and regulatory legal issues, litigation pertaining to contracts and agreements and also industrial arrangements. our track record speaks for itself in terms of cases related to intellectual property rights. we also cater to clients facing legal troubles in fields of franchise and information technology. we stay abreast with the dynamic corporate legal world and continuously hone our expertise to provide the best services to our clients.

family law firm in chandigarh 

litigation related to family troubles is witnessing a rise with each passing day. for any family or couples facing legal issues, seeking the advice and help of a competent family lawyer decides the course of litigation and their chances of getting their best interests addressed. our team has family lawyers with extensive experience of having successfully handled disputes related to domestic violence and section 498a. our divorce lawyers are sought after for making the clients face minimum hassles and making sure the legal separation is on favourable terms for the client. our divorce lawyers have overseen and represented clients battling child custody rights along with divorce proceedings. the dowry lawyers in our team have fought for the rights of many dowry victims and made sure their voice gets heard.



criminal law firm in chandigarh 

we have a team of criminal lawyers well-versed in criminal law proceedings. our criminal lawyers have represented clients embroiled in various criminal litigation issues such as getting an fir quashed from the high court or quashing of proclaimed offender order. we have proficient advocates to deal with cases related to getting bail applications approved and also applying for anticipatory bail. our record for getting criminal appeal cases being decided in the favour of our client is a testimony to the fact that we have the best talent in terms of criminal litigation in our firm. criminal litigation can end up being very stressful for the clients so we make sure we are there at every step, guiding the clients throughout and making sure they do not face any trouble whatsoever.

property law firm in chandigarh

property litigation has been observed to stretch over years with the case getting more complicated by the day. our property lawyers have the expertise and experience alike to make sure the client gets his dispute resolved at the earliest and in less number of hearings. we have gathered rich experience over the years and in various capacities pertaining to property disputes. our property lawyers have handled succession cases, cases related to partition of ancestral property. our team of advocates has also successfully represented clients facing litigation emanating from succession certificates. we also handle property disputes related to wills and estates. property litigation demands the best of both talent and experience in order to be successfully resolved and our property lawyers fulfill both these requirements.



why choose us

personal attention

each case is defensible. what every case needs is care and nourishment. it is you law firm which is always available to attend to your case and represent you within and outside court.

experienced law firm

with experience comes perfection. experienced lawyers are always to be considered when stakes are high because they have better success rate than junior advocates without experience

tradition of excellence

our law firm is dedicated to client needs and we consistently work to get best results for clients. we achieve this with our passionate team of lawyers who have delivered exceptional results over years.

our philosophy


we believe that reputation is earned over time and has to be defended at all times to remain ahead in the race. we can remain reputed only if we consistently deliver and successfully cater to clients. we constantly strive to stay on top with our results.


to face our fears. in matters of litigation, both the client as well as the advocate representing them must be confident that their cause is just and the fight worth the effort. there are times which may discourage but victory favours the brave and we need to keep moving ahead.


might be overlooked and seem a bit out of place in the field of litigation yet it is one of the most important qualities of a successful lawyer. we need to step into the shoes of our clients, understand their plight, feel their pain and take up their cause as our own. without compassion, a lawyer can never do complete justice to his role.


buys everything and costs nothing. every relationship, be it personal or professional demands respect for its growth and sustenance, and the relationship between a lawyer and a client is no different. and respect should not be based on the fact that someone is a client but by virtue of being another individual.


in the face of adversity. your law firm and lawyers must always be loyal and truthful to you. every step they take must be communicated to you and all the actions should work in your favour. since this is one such field where a lot depends on trust and the clients have hardly any technical know-how, it is imperative for the lawyer to be completely loyal to the client.


is the foundation of character. in fact this one quality lays the foundation of other such qualities which together define the person. a lawyer must always be honest to his work and clients and never lead anyone astray. for personal and professional integrity, honesty is indispensable. a lawyer-client relationship and its success is largely dependent on how honest are the two to each other, the former in providing the right guidance and the latter being honest about the facts of the matter.



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